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bambooThere is a major effort underway across Canada to promote the many health and environmental benefits of “going green” whenever possible in our homes.  But when you consider how many hours each day we also spend at our jobs, it is easy to appreciate that a “green workplace” is also important.

Many business owners and managers recognize the benefits of using green products in the workplace, not only because the products are environmentally friendly, but because they don’t contain many of the toxic chemicals that may be harmful to their employee’s health and affect their productivity.

One of the known sources of poor indoor air quality is carpeting, particularly if it’s old or is breaking down because of heavy traffic.  It can be a factor leading to what’s now known as “sick building syndrome”.  However, there are products available that are not only environmentally responsible but are highly durable and versatile.

InterfaceFLOR Carpet Tile is a modular flooring system that has been around for more than 35 years and is recognized globally for its pioneering work on environmental sustainability. Carpet tile offers the industry’s highest levels of post consumer fibre and non-virgin PVC backing. The backing system prevents typical carpet headaches such as separation, shrinking, stretching and edge ravel. InterfaceFlor is able to make old carpet into new carpet through their ReEntry 2.0 recycling program.


Other types of “eco-friendly” flooring to consider is Cork flooring because a layer of bark is peeled from the cork oak tree but continues to thrive. As well, there is Marmoleum, which includes natural materials such as linseed oil, natural flax, resins and wood flour.

Another source affecting indoor quality is paint. However the SICO Design Line and Pittsburgh Pure Performance paints are VOC emission-free. VOC’s are the volatile organic compounds in paint and as the paint dries after application they are released into the atmosphere.

Proper window coverings and taking advantage of available daylight also help provide a comfortable environment and reduces energy use. Hunter Douglas has one of the industry’s largest collection of energy efficient shades and fabrics.  The Duette honeycomb shades are designed with three insulating air pockets and are so energy  efficient they can reduce energy loss up to 50%.  There’s also GreenScreen solar shading fabrics, which are environmentally friendly, completely recyclable and the leading alternative to PVC coating shading fabrics.

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There are a lot of environmentally friendly options for your home or business when planning to upgrade to “go green”. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and recommend the appropriate product for your project.
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